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Angry Babies
Anoop Menon, Bhavana
Saji Surendran
Darshan Ravi
Release Date
LJ Films through PJ Entertainments Europe
Movie Details

Jeevan (Anoop Menon) runs a studio at Kanjirappally. His aim is to become a renowned photographer. But instead he falls in love in between. Jeevans lady love Sara (Bhavana) belongs to a very rich family which owns five star hotels. They get married against the wishes of their families and fly to Mumbai to lead a dream life there. But soon both of them realized that real life is not as sweet as they imagined when they were lovers. There started misunderstandings and mistrust between them. Later another eloped couple abir (Nishanth Sagar) and Paro (Parvathy Nair) coming to their life.The resulting events plot the story of Angry Babies.

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Director  Saji Surendran  
Producer Darshan Ravi  
Story And Script Krishna Poojappura 
Cinematography Anil Nair 
Editor Manoj 
Art Director  
Makeup Pradeep Rangan 
Costume Designer Arun Manohar  
Production Control Badusha 
Lyrics Vayalar Sharathchandra Varma, Anoop Menon , Rajeev Aalunkal  
Music Director Bijibal 
Stills Hari Thirumala 
Designs Antony Stephen