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Mohanlal,Siddique,Dev Gill,Pallavi Purohit,Mia George,Manjari Phadnis
B. Unnikrishnan
A. V. Anoop
Release Date
Aashirvad ReleaseThrough Maxlab, PJ Entertainments (Overseas)
Movie Details

'Mr Fraud' is set around a famous kovilakom which is known for its pedigree and tradition. Most of the people in the village are in somehow related to this kovilakom. Once there reach a prominent person from Delhi in the kovilakom to solve a main issue there. Consequently, instead of a solution, the issue becomes more and more complicated. Mr Fraud' is centered on huge kovilakoms and various kovilakoms are the main locations of the movie. The movie is the picturization of a story full of intriguing events. The character played by Mohanlal has different names at different places.

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Director  B. Unnikrishnan 
Producer A. V. Anoop 
Story And Script B. Unnikrishnan 
Cinematography Satheesh Kurup 
Editor Manoj 
Art Director Joseph Nellikal 
Makeup Pradeep Rangan 
Costume Designer S B Satheesh  
Production Control Aroma Mohan 
Lyrics Chittoor Gopi Harinarayanan 
Music Director Gopi Sunder  
Stills Sinat Savier 
Designs Collins leophil 
Singers Sithara & Sudeep Kumar, Shankar Mahadevan