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7th day
Prithviraj , Janani Iyer,Tovino Thomas,Vinay Forrt
Shibu G. Suseelan
Release Date
August Cinema
Movie Reviews

David Abraham (Prithviraj) is an ex cop who leaves a party but things get exciting when his jeep hits two men, Shan (Vinay Forrt) and Vinu (Anu Mohan), riding a bike. This incident leads to more mysteries and David goes behind the rest of their friends, Cycle (Praveen Prem), Eby (Tovino Thomas) and Jessy (Janani Iyer).

The major portion of the film is like a jigsaw puzzle and we wait for it to be solved. With punch dialogues one after the other and scenes that add to the confusions in the minds of the viewer, the going gets uneasy after a while. But before things get boring, the unveiling of the mystery begins

There are some liberties and unbelievable coincidences that canít be digested, but it is better to leave it at that as such discussions could end up as spoilers. There may be loose ends and questions that are left unanswered, but still, Shyamdhar and scenarist Akhil Paul have managed to make the viewer leave the theatres with a smile. The two debutants need a pat on their back for coming out with an impressive show.

The visuals by Sujith Vassudevv are brilliant. One gets the feeling that better editing could have made things more interesting for sure.