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Banglore Days
Dulquer Salman,Nivin Pauly,Nazriya Nazim,Fahadh Faasil,Parvathi Menon, Nithya Menen,Isha Talwar
Anjali Menon
Anwar Rasheed
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A & A Release
Movie Reviews

Anjali Menon's 'Bangalore Days' is an exquisitely composed film, that has been hard-wired with an emotional intensity that is simply impossible to resist. Impressively directed and beautifully written, it blends in loads of happiness and a few heart aches, to dexterously attain a burnished sheen of its own.

As kids, cousins Arjun (Dulquer Salman), Kuttan (Nivin Pauly) and Divya (Nazriya Nazim), have always dreamt of having a blast in a happening city like Bangalore. Years later, Kuttan has turned into a terribly homesick techie, who during work breaks grabs a much needed respite from watching pics of a green backyard back home, Arjun into a runaway graffiti artist with a bike racer past, who despises his divorced parents and dreams of making it big someday without them, and Divya into a docile housewife for whom life has gone topsy-turvy post a hasty marriage. And yet, their dream remains.

The insightful character studies that Anjali has on offer this time around are profoundly fascinating to say the least. The heartwarming portrait of a huge family that has had its share of springs and storms, thus hides within it subtexts of alienation, estrangement and loss, surprising us at times and almost shocking us at others.

It's not just the wedding song which is already a rage that affirms once and for all that this is a writer who knows the land that she hails from, like the inner palm of her hand. The unbelievable hustle bustle, the random enquiries to which there seems to be no end, the decked up women folk, the air of urgency, the fragrance of jasmine flowers, the upbeat spirit all around, and the fun and merriment - everything is captured with such fine detail, and not a stone left out of place.

The wedding blues descent on Divya like a thunderbolt, and when she lets out some steam (literally) before bowing her head for the nuptial ceremony, it turns out to be one of the most hilarious scenes in Malayalam films, bound to be