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How Old Are You
Manju Warrier, Kunchacko Boban, Sreerag Nambiar, Kunchan, Lalu Alex, Siddhartha Basu, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Vinay fort, Jayaraj Warrier, Muthumani, Sethulakshmi, Amritha Anil
Rosshan Andrews
Listin Stephen
Release Date
Magic Frames
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Roshan Andrews in his film 'How Old Are You' takes us along on a woman's quest to unearth her long buried identity. Armed with a bravura performance by Manju Warrier, this superbly acted and emotionally engaging drama is a keeper of a film, and quite an impressive one at that.

Nirupama Rajeev (Manju Warrier) has just turned 36, when we get to see her first, and age is a matter of growing concern for the woman who works as an upper division clerk at a government office. Her husband Rajeev Narayanan (Kunchacko Boban) aspires to emigrate to Ireland, and Nirupama is dejected having been turned down by many an Irish company for a job that would let her travel along with him. That their daughter (Amritha Anil) is least appreciative of her frantic efforts adds to her travails.

On a bright morning, on being summoned to the IG's office, Nirupama learns that the President of India would like to have a conversation with her over breakfast. The disastrous meeting makes her the butt of Facebook jokes, and before long, she watches haplessly as her husband and daughter fly away to Ireland, promising to have chit chat sessions over Skype. As a shattered Nirupama stands aghast, in walks Susan David (Kaniha), an old classmate of hers who reminds her of the firebrand that she once had been, prompting her to take one hard look at the mirror and see beyond the grey hair strands that have been messily colored.

It so happens in several lives - not just of women, but of men too - that after a while, people forget the kind of persons that they had been long back, and start believing that they have always been the paler, weaker, scorched beings that they have evolved into over the years. Entering into a mode of denial, they often refuse to lend an ear to the Susan Davids who walk in and out of their lives, almost determined to carry on with their unreal selves, shaped out of a life that had somewhere in the middle slipped out of their hands.