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Mohanlal,Siddique,Dev Gill,Pallavi Purohit,Mia George,Manjari Phadnis
B. Unnikrishnan
A. V. Anoop
Release Date
Aashirvad ReleaseThrough Maxlab, PJ Entertainments (Overseas)
Movie Reviews

B Unnikrishnan's 'Mr.Fraud' is a tedious robbery exercise that is sappy and downright predictable. Stuffed with redundant songs and a sentimental family track that looks way out of place, the film that initially promises to be an edge-of-the-seat action caper ends up being a wannabe thriller sans any real kicks or buzz.

So here is a Kovilakam where quite a lot of Varma Seniors fought with each other for a treasure stacked inside their Nilavara. Following a court ruling, the Nilavara is closed for about four decades and finally the day arrives for it to be opened yet again. The new generation of Vermas (Siddique, Devan, Vijaya Kumar and P Balachandran) are not any better, and neither are their kids (Suresh Krishna, Rahul Madhav, Pallavi Purohit), Rajeev Parameshwar), and they cross swords with each other as the D-day approaches.

Meanwhile, the first among equals, a much astute conman who is called Bhaiji (Mohanlal) by his assistants in crime, Abbas (Vijay Babu) and Priya (Manjarai Phadnis), gets ready for the last assignment in his illustrious career. Egged on by Nikki (Dev Gill), Bhaiji plans to break into the Nilavara In a seemingly impossible mission, and disguised as an assets evaluator Siavaram, he furtively enters the Kovilakam for the ultimate burglary.

There is a whole lot of gizmo talk and Bhaiji even does a lot of computations on a virtual screen, before finding the perfect match to the key to the Nilavara. Abbas and Priya gape on in amazement like the rest of us in front of the screen.

Logic can go take a walk, as far as 'Mr.Fraud' is concerned. Questions abound and no answers are provided whatsoever. How do you expect an entire clan of ex-Thamburans to be morons who wouldn't double check the identity of an assessor? How do you expect to have a Nilavara with a treasure inside that is worth of thousands of crores, with not a sentry man posted at its door? Going by the way Bhaiji walks in and out of it in the mid