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Masala Republic
Indrajith Sukumaran, Aparna Nair, Sunny Wayne, Captain Raju , Mamukoya
Visakh GS
Sukumar Thekkeppat
Release Date
Chemmeen Cinema
Movie Reviews

Masala drama is a misdirected attempt at absurdity. There is an unprecedented rush of issues which flood the plot in such a way that the film goes completely out of control halfway through the narrative. Initially it's about a cop named Shambhu, famed for his valorous exploits. He is appointed as the head of a team formed to curb the use of pan-masala. Two north-Indian men make their living in Kerala by smuggling pan-masala. They make good money,earn a decent living and finally turn themselves into potential targets for the newly appointed squad.

Visakh tentatively dabbles into the realm of migrant labourers casting out characters who act as puppets for the interests of local inhabitants. A section of unemployed youth is also woven into the mess and together they form the ingredients for a poorly written cat and mouse game.