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Mammootty,Nyla Usha,Aparna Gopinath,T. G. Ravi,Sekhar Menon
Aashiq Abu
Release Date
Aan Mega Media (India)
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The gangster genre has been pretty dry in Malayalam movies with a few exceptions like Samrajyam, Rajavinte Makan, etc. down to the more recent and under-rated BigB. One reason for this is because, above all the usual formulaic cliches that makes this industry tick, a Gangster movie has to define a unique path for itself in every single outing. That is what Aashiq Abu has succeeded in doing with the latest Mammootty starrer, the aptly titled Gangster.

The movie chronicles the events in the life of a Gangster who has been forced into exile by his scheming associates and the trauma he undergoes at their hands. His return and ultimately his vengeance on the ones responsible, form the crux of the plot.